Saturday, December 17, 2011

Philippine Money - Peso Coins and Banknotes: Peso Fuerte

Philippine Money - Peso Coins and Banknotes: Peso Fuerte

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's this Protect IP and SOPA? Online risk against free speech or US manipulation?

Most online writers (bloggers, hubbers or in between) will be greatly affected by the latest innovation on internet censorship by the US Congress.

Recently (as of November 18, 2011), I've read from the HubPages staff Simone Smith, also a hubber, regarding the danger those two legislations pose on HubPages and other legitimate sites, like Facebook, Twitter. Wikimedia and the like.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) encourages all online users to support their fight against the blacklisting of many websites around the world that can put a very HUGE changes in social media.

This is not only about the hovering danger in the US online atmosphere but in the entire globe as well.

To mention a slash but important component of EFF's appeal to all online users:

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has placed a hold on the Senate version of the bill, taking a principled stand against a very dangerous bill. But every Senator and Representative should be opposing the PROTECT IP Act and SOPA. Contact your members of Congress today to speak out.

The emergence of Protect IP (Intellectual Property) Act and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) aim to stop online PIRACY, but could these two acts stop people from downloading free movies and music?

All online users always want freebies. For example, I want to download my favorite song or movie, I can easily have those movies and songs by just going through a free site. 

YouTube is one of the targets of these bills than can be abused by those who are in the government.

The dawn of stopping freedom of expression  online is now starting. I think it will be a HUGE BLAST come 2012 and God knows how we'll we fare at the internet.

So, please, let us not take this for granted. We will all be greatly affected by this development. One voice cannot be heard alone.

You can share, tweet, email or holler this information; or even text it to your friend.

I'm a blogger, hubber and writer rolled into one. Those online readers who used to get my articles for their assignments or TV productions (through their staff) will be greatly affected.

The MEDIA should and could put a stop on this kind of political maneuvering.

Let's join hands and DO IT NOW.

My fellow hubber, Simone Smith, wrote this appeal:

HubPages does not stand alone in its opposition to this legislation. Other businesses, such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, and AOL, as well as human rights organizations such as Reporters Without Borders, Wikimedia, Human Rights Watch, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are against SOPA and Protect-IP.

You know how to react on this, I'm sure.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Papier Tole Shop at Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

If you happen to travel in Metro Manila, Philippines, you must include Intramuros in your itinerary. There are lots of souvenir shops that are still existing and thriving money-wise because of the tourist influx in this walled city in the metro.
It's Hispanic influences are well-preserved, from the sentries or guards with its 18th century uniforms and the existence of caretelas or horse-driven carriage that fetches tourists to tour the very small city.
The baroque-styled church at Beaterio street is often photographed by the tourists and city dwellers as well due to its grandiose presence.
Since Intramuros is also the place where my manning agency (for my work overseas) is located, I used to take photos of what interest me inside the walled city.
The souvenir shop where I used to visit is The Papier Tole Shop, established in 1668 as major hub for recycled paper products. The Spanish regime left a very important contribution to the Filipino people by utilizing their artistic talent and skills as it leave unique masterpieces for the unique paintings in 3D or in watercolor, paper dolls, necklaces and other paper products.

The blogger @ The Papier Tole Shop (backside)

 The Papier Tole Shop is now owned and managed by Mrs. Ruby Lee. Thanks to the ever humble shop attendant-worker Meliton Batac for giving me an overview about the souvenir shop and gave me access to take photos, so that I can complete this blog.
The 3D paintings I used to gaze and admire are masterpieces of Filipino artists, like Antonio Mendoza. 
The additional souvenir items, aside from recycled paper products are also getting noticed by the tourists.
For a sampler, I bought a P40-peso notepad (3 pcs for P100 pesos) for my personal notes.

One of the shop attendant-worker

Thursday, October 6, 2011

OKB-Gayon Bikol 2011

When I say 'GAYON', it is the sweetest word that you'll hear among Bicolanos, young and old, when they appreciate 'BEAUTY'. So, as the legend narrates, Daragang Magayon (beautiful maiden) of Albay became synonymous with the beautiful attraction of the province, which is the Mayon Volcano.

From then on, the curiosity among the neighboring residents from the rest of the provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao have been triggered by the colorful history of the Bicolanos. 

I remember my history teacher retelling the plight of Bicolano historians trying to save the documents left from the burning pueblos done by the invading Moros during the early years of Spanish colonization of the Bicol Peninsula.

Although, traditions and customs, and the way of life were handed down from generation to generation, fortunate sons and daughters of the region (from artists, politicians to businessmen or entrepreneurs) are continuing to give back the knowledge they've learned by converging into a yearly exhibit of Bicolano ingenuity or craftsmanship as it showcase the different facets of life in the six provinces, namely: Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes and Masbate.

It's been happening for the past decade, 15 years as I heard it from the statements of Bicolano officials at the DTI-Department of Trade and Industry and DOT-Department of Tourism and local government officials.

Ma'am Linda Rebosura-Corsiga - owner/general manager of Sorsogon Foods Enterprises
People who are worthy of, both mentioning and appreciation include: Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda, Daet Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion (cousin of the former) and DTI and DOT people, DirectorsJocelyn Blanco and Maria Ravanilla of DTI-Region V and Tourism Usec Ma. Victoria Jasmin and the people who are untiringly contributing to make the Bicol Expo a success.

If you're not acquainted with the food, culture, craftsmanship and other activities happening in my region, you better be one of the tourists or be a buyer of our local quality products that are now being exported to other progressive/developed countries.

Have you ever heard of Pili marzapan and other native delicacies? Or better yet, the sumptous and exotic Laing or Pinangat? How about a transfo-bed (transforming bed into a luggage, drawing table and the like)?

This year, I personally like the exhibit of pottery products from Buhi, Camarines Sur and Native lampshades of Daet and other handicrafts from Labo, all of Camarines Norte. Sorsogon's products are also in full force, especially the award-winning coconut nectar (coconut sap called tuba in Bicol dialect) turned into a sweet vinegar that is so good for salad marinade. If you're interested with the products (bags, organizers, etc.) derived from water hyacinth or water lilies, then you can make it a business to visit Naga City.

Gov. Salceda of Albay with Usec Ma. Victoria Jasmin and Daet Mayor Tito Sarion
I might have missed the gist of the message of Governor Joey Salceda, but I will never forget what he added that we can have a progressive region if all the sectors will help or converge for a common goal for the BANWAAN (community or region-I shouted the right term when he asked about the Bicol word for it). And the bottomline of it is PROGRESS.

As Usec Jasmin reiterated, there must be 5 As that Bicol should possess to be totally of service to the international and local tourists as well. It includes amenities, accommodation, attraction, activities and appreciation (Did I enumerated it right?).

The following photos are just a documented evidence that our businessmen or entrepreneurs are ready to show the world hot Bicol fare in the Philippines when it comes to OTOP (One Town, One Product)  and other attractions for the tourism and trade industries.

I can never get enough with Bicolano products, services and amenities. 
Ms. Nancy Talay of LGU-Milaor, Camarines Sur

It's good to stay at the exhibit for the entire period. You may run out of money, but the inspiration in attaining success will only be inculcated in the minds of new entrepreneurs.

Engineer & Mrs. Nestor Flores of Nitz Furniture in Naga City with their multi-awarded tranfo-bed

Pili nut products, marzapan, candies and tarts

It's just the opening day. Bicolanos will never rest on their laurels as they showcase other talents as exciting as being skilled on handicrafts and home cooking.

OKB-Gayon Bikol 2011 Ribbon-Cutting

Part and parcel or the gist of what Governor Salceda shared in his speech, regarding the death of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs and the importance of entrepreneurship in our country was recorded in this video.

I've relayed the information that transpired during the first day  to my fellow Bikolanos by linking this blog at their Tourism sites. I even told my fellow Minalabacquenos (of Minalabac, Camarines Sur) about the bright possibilities and opportunities when joining such trade fair/exhibit.

There's more than meets the eye, as critics will say.

More homegrown projects and livelihood, more jobs that the initiators can offer with their neighbors. It's not as easy as it seems but starting a livelihood will bring hope to residents of each town to dream BIG.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anion Watches: Its Benefits in our Health Revealed!!!

With the use of latest technology, anions or negative ions are being incorporated in many gadgets we buy from the market. For example, fashion anion watches are now used to balance the human body's electricity.
Negative ions are created in nature with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation and moving air or water. It is odorless, tasteless molecules that are breathed into our respiratory systems. So, particles of air are not just mixtures of oxygen and hydrogen. There are invisible materials that penetrate our lungs that can affect us, whether good or bad. Anions are the good ones.
Some benefits of anions in our body are:
  • increase the flow of oxygen to our brain
  • protects us from germs in the air, thereby invigorating us or refreshes our mood once we inhale fresh air out from the window
  • decreases irritation when we inhale some particles, like dust, etc.
It purifies the air we breathe and enhances us to reduce low-esteem or bad mood during the change of season or weather. Persons having a Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD) will not be saddened by gadgets that they can wear, such as the anion watches.

Fashionable Anion watches  are now trending online. Better check this Anion Watches for your guide, whenever you want to buy it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing DinoDirect: The #1 Online Shopping Store in Asia!

An insider at DinoDirect personally contacted me about this OnlineShopping site in mainland China which is gaining popularity as major competing online store around the world. It can now be compared with Amazon & eBay for its increasing number of customers.

Without much further ado, I checked on the site and I was enthralled by array of choices, from famous brands in electronic and computer gadgets, especially the iPad 2 that I've been craving for. They've been selling products from A to Z (non-perishable items) that you can imagine. They have it there!

From the message that I received from April Chan, I came to know more about DinoDirect. She requested me to make some posting on my HubPages and also here on my blog spot to share sentiments on that particular online shopping site.

After an exchange of pleasantries and orienting me on her job as one of the employees there, I also did my research on YouTube uploads regarding DinoDirect and compared it with other online shopping sites, eBay and Amazon in particular. Both have ups and downs regarding delivery complaints, product returns.

I've also searched and browsed at the offical Facebook sites of the three online stores. There are always irate customers to attend to. It's true that we cannot please everyone in this kind of business. There will be always complaints to attend to.

What I can conclude is that online shopping stores are now the next level in shopping experience without going out the premises of your homes. The convenience it will give you with just the use of your credit card, paypal account, gift cards and other options (Wire Transfer, MoneyBookers & Western Union) will benefit you that much. You don't know the rewards that await you once you become a member of a particular online shopping store.

There's always a caution during online transaction. You may try it and see the results.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tropical JOE - The Making of a Food Gourmet

Choosing the freshest of ingredients...from vegetable, meat and it possible nowadays. The danger of acquiring food diseases from it can be frightening; but we have to eat everyday. So, a precaution on Food Marketing is a must.

The rigors of what to write on my Food List can exhaust my time, especially if I'm on a tight budget during lean months. I share the sentiments of mothers, young and old, scratching their heads and sighing heavily if their husbands payoff will not swack on their weekly budget.

Why I pointed that out on this reverie of thoughts? Because, like them, even though I'm still single, living under the roof of my mother's home; my food contribution on the budget is ---ZERO! I'm on vacation, at least for year now, from my overseas job as seaman.

So, in order to pass the time, I help her in choosing what to buy at the city market, in the dry goods (canned foods, etcetera) and wet section (meat, seafoods and all) whenever she had the monthly honorarium as one of our barrio's councilor.

Prioritizing what to buy according to our needs, not our like should be our "mantra" when marketing for weekly food. You don't have to buy all the vegetables on your list. GROW them at your own backyard!

Here in the barrio, you can buy the freshest vegetables from the local growers, and also fresh eggs from ducks, fish from the roaming vendors via motorcycles and the traditional 'regaton'---a pair of bamboo fish baskets equally put at both ends of long bamboo pole. If you don't want to buy at the city's supermarts, local meat butchers can also provide you with portions of goat, pig, cow or chicken meats (sometimes carabao meat is also available). And don't forget fresh breads from the local bakers.

The Search for Happiness

I’ve been thinking about owning a blog spot on Finding Happiness before I completed this hub. My prayers were answered in due time.

My friend, who’s an IT (Information Technology) specialist, sent me a personal message on Facebook regarding the sub-domain of our high school batch site which he is maintaining.
He offered of making an appropriate blogspot on my articles on HubPages with a content of ‘happiness’ in each hub.
True enough, happy thoughts poured in as some of my ideas surfaced on the hubs that I’m making, just like what I thought it should be.
I’ve read a lot of happy thoughts from other hubbers and those who frequent social media sites, posting messages of happiness (Bible quotations and personal experiences) that inspired others to continue contributing good deeds to make this world a happy place to live with.

(Please see and read my complete hub on HubPages) 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reproductive Health Bill - The Philippine Version

(May 18, 2011)As of this writing, the debate about the pros and cons of Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines is a hot topic, even at the far flung barangays of the country.
The boxing legend-turned-legislator, Congressman Emmanuel 'Manny ' Paquiao, initiated the move to file a legislation opposing the implementation of RH bill.
Meanwhile, pro-RH bill Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago reacted with Congressman Manny's stand.She opined that it's already written in the Constitution and the move to implement has long been started, although the full-blown program will just be staged this year under the administration of President Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III.
The harsh realities of family life in the country inspired several legislators to push through with the bill and for several reasons, this hubber will agree with their synchronized decision.
  • Too many children in meager-income households equals poverty; parents cannot provide sufficient food on more than 5  offspring; much more with education and other basic needs. These children will undertake some roles of their parents in order to survive.
  • Unwanted children due to teenage pregnancies are taken care of at many orphanages. These happened due to unprotected sex as those teenagers will continue to study or focus on other priorities in life.
  • Crimes increase as the need of fathers to provide comfort for their families lead them to commit or succumbed to illegal activities.
  • The government cannot provide adequate jobs to its large population.
This hubber was also alerted by his cousin (don't want to get exposed),  who's working at the Philippine Legislators' Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) about the scenario of two opposing forces at the Congress. This is my answer to her invitation to support the RH Bill. Most of them are women, trying to correct the notions of the Catholic church that this will violate God's teaching. My cousin reasoned out that:
  • It's been a fact that condoms, pills and other contraceptives are already existing in the country during the American occupation in the early 19th century. I bet they introduced it in the archipelago.
  • The advocacy on population control started so long ago that many mothers were able to get a thing or two about the birth control methods that are available at the rural health centers and the like.
With the mediation of the Catholic church, it will be another highly contested debate as media mileage started to collate important data between the two factions.
My salute goes to these courageous women in the Congress headed by Rizza Hontiveros-Baraquiel, a former media personality-turned-legislator who is very vocal about the RH Bill.
It's not only an issue among women who get pregnant but to men who should be responsible in taking care of their families.
RH Bill Debate will surely be SEX EDUCATION at the Congress.
 (Note: This is just a part of my hub on HubPages through my account )

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Youth Encounter - Empowering the Youth spiritually

It was a fruitful night for the residents of Baliuag Nuevo. It was the first time that we witnessed the re-enactment of the Life of Jesus Christ during the Holy Week -at the start of Palm Sunday until His Death to the Cross. Barangay officials, members of the Barangay Pastoral Council, parents, youth and children as well converged at the basketball court and reflected on the passion play or Senakulo that was re-enacted by the members of Youth Encounter of the Parish of Peace and Good Voyage, based at  Antipolo, Minalabac, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

 The main players, based from the characters from the Bible, are the youth sector who are active YEiers who came from different barangays of the town of Minalabac.

The YE of Baliuag Nuevo started just last year, 2010. The coordinator, Grace Pablo (a teacher herself), can proudly say that the response of the crowd was overwhelming. They were able to appreciate the participation of the selected teenagers from the barrio who are spending their time just to act on the play.

I was lucky to meet the coordinator of group, Bro. Mar Macatingraw and his son and daughter (from Lupi, Camarines Sur) who are active members of Adonnai Covenant Community.They are spreading the Good News through the utilization of the talents of the youth in order to stage the Senakulo.

The play lasted for more than two hours, but there were no boring moments because they portrayed the characters well. All first-timers in the Passion Play, the youth were able to awaken the emotions of the spectators.

Truly, in this kind  of activity, we can renew  our commitment to God by following His Commandments. The act of humility should be shown to your family , friends and even enemies to live a true Christian life.
Senakulo 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BCAT H/S Batch '88 for 2013!!!

Now it can be told.

 After a monthlong preparation, acquiring a domain and posting articles and all,, is now ready to encourage BCAT H/S Batch 88 to log in and be counted as part of our official website.

My batchmate, Rodel Valenzuela, an IT specialist and working overseas hinted me to create the official website of the batch. Numbers of Group pages for the batch were already on Facebook and Yahoo Group, but the site aims to solely cater on our former classmates.

The two-year preparation for the hosting of BCAT General Alumni Homecoming is a very tedious task. So, an ample preparation is needed to back up our plans.

For the meantime, here's what we offer for you guys. Visitors and friends are also allowed to peruse our website.

Please keep our site functioning. Support it to the max!!!

The official website of BCAT H/S Batch '88

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fukushima, now a 'Ghostown' in Japan - what we should learn about earthquakes and tsunamis

Photographer Kelly Barnes documents the futile search for survivors in the devastated northern Japanese town of Rikuzentakata. (
The great loss of lives and properties after the devastating 8.9 magnitude of earthquake at Fukushima, Japan left the survivors clinging for the thin line of HOPE to recover and be normal again.

Yet the aftereffects of tsunami and the leakage of nuclear power plant reactors in the prefecture left the government no choice but to evacuate all survivors.

Many expatriates are going back to their countries, like the USA, UK, Australia and Philippines. The Philippine embassy in Japan is helping to evacuate those Filipinos who are affected by earthquake and its aftermath.

                                    Panic buying on food, car fuels and water are apparent that even the local residents opted for foreign assistance from the UN (United Nations Organization).

Even the Japanese Emperor Akihito (125th emperor)  publicly appeared on television  and announced the royal family's sympathy on the demise of his affected citizens.

In times like this, the presence of the royal family will inspire people to gain confidence and rebuild what's have been left the the crippling calamity that invaded their place.

Did we learn the lessons of the wrath of nature? I hope all of us do. We can never stop it from coming. All we have to do is to be prepared on the possible outcome of such malady.

(A video footage and reports from CNN during Japan's earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011)