Friday, July 17, 2015

EX-LINK Management and Marketing Services Corporation denied two Marino Idols (June 2015) finalists of their consolation cash prizes of PhP5,000.00 each!!!

The controversy started right after the awarding of three finalists who grabbed the title of Marino Idol for June 2015, Mr. Talent and People's Choice.

They've been given cash prizes and freebies. The remaining two finalists were left backstage wondering why they're not awarded with the promised cash as seen at the Facebook Page of Marino Idols.

I was one of the Top 5 Finalists who hurdled all the contest portions (casual, marine uniform, talent, formal wear and Q&A) with dedication.

So without any complaint after the euphoria of the contest, as I received the freebies given by the staff of Ex-LINK, I went home walking the Roxas Boulevard, from Palacio de Maynila Event Center and rested at the Libertad station, where I talked with a fellow Bicolano, the brother of my landlady at Dongalo, ParaƱaque City, Metro Manila, where I used to board since 2002.


A week before, as I surfed the Facebook Page of Marino Idols and was drawn to upload my over-a-minute video with my sample song. 

After a day, Ms. Hasmine Mendiola, the official coordinator from Ex-LINK texted me about the preliminaries or elimination round of the event, coinciding the celebration of International Seafarers Day on June 25th.

So, after bidding goodbye with my family, borrowing additional budget for my bus fare from a reliable neighbor, I went to Manila come Sunday evening.

The busy Monday of June 22nd saw me bustling the traffic at Luneta Seafarers' Welfare (LUSWELF) Center and joined the eager candidates to show our stuff/talents. There were more that 20 of us who got interested with the alluring prizes.

To think, I was already claiming the top prize because I really want to go the island of Boracay to ease my boredom and stress from having a two-year hiatus in commercial seafaring.

But to my surprise, the organizer, Ex-LINK and UFS/LUSWELF with its head, Marine Engr. Nelson P. Ramirez, included us for the finals of the event.


As Ms. Hasmine Mendiola of Ex-LINK oriented us, it became a full-blown men pageant as we will be strutting our wits, humor (boredom?) in modelling at the ramp(stage).

And, lo, I became one of the Top 5 Finalists of Marino Idols June 2015 Edition (amid my oily/haggard face).


When I arrived at the  boarding house, everyone were clamoring about my inclusion at the Top 5 of Marino Idols.

I gave them all my freebies after an exhausting day, going home empty-handed.

They just wondered why I was didn't awarded with the cash prize intended for the finalists.

The 'balato' fever died a natural death as I went home to Bicol with a borrowed bus fare from my elder sister (again!).


Five days after the event, after thanking all the people who help me 'make it through the Marino Idols', (Manay Glo, Manay Belen, Ma'am Eleanor Barola of Baclaran Day Care Center and Ma'am Jo PeƱaredondo Arnante of MPCF-Alumni Association, Inc.-my alma mater), inquiries about the event's turnout began to 'sink in' with me.

My fellow finalist messaged me in my Messenger. I also inquired about our consolation prize with the UF President and Founder, Engr. Ramirez and also disturbed the peace of the Marino Idol June 2015 Title holder 2nd Mate Salvador'Budz' Cerillo Sigalat of Albay (fellow Bicolano) and Chef Alvin Decena (Mr. Talent) regarding about it. And lastly, the Ex-LINK (the event organizer).

Here's what our conversations spilled out the uncertainties about our situation.

The Ex-LINK cautioned me with the phrase about 'RESPECT'. 

Look who's talking?

They didn't respected us when they did it to me and my fellow Top 5 Marino Idol finalist.

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