Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anion Watches: Its Benefits in our Health Revealed!!!

With the use of latest technology, anions or negative ions are being incorporated in many gadgets we buy from the market. For example, fashion anion watches are now used to balance the human body's electricity.
Negative ions are created in nature with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation and moving air or water. It is odorless, tasteless molecules that are breathed into our respiratory systems. So, particles of air are not just mixtures of oxygen and hydrogen. There are invisible materials that penetrate our lungs that can affect us, whether good or bad. Anions are the good ones.
Some benefits of anions in our body are:
  • increase the flow of oxygen to our brain
  • protects us from germs in the air, thereby invigorating us or refreshes our mood once we inhale fresh air out from the window
  • decreases irritation when we inhale some particles, like dust, etc.
It purifies the air we breathe and enhances us to reduce low-esteem or bad mood during the change of season or weather. Persons having a Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD) will not be saddened by gadgets that they can wear, such as the anion watches.

Fashionable Anion watches  are now trending online. Better check this Anion Watches for your guide, whenever you want to buy it.