Wednesday, October 5, 2016

MINALABAC River Cruise

It is a voyage along inland waterways, often stopping at multiple ports along the way. Since cities and towns often grew up around rivers, river cruise is a potential tourism industry.

Can it happen in my town, Minalabac?

Aug.28,2016: MINALABAC RIVER CRUISE-Soon To Be Real
#Minalabac_Cultural_Society spearheaded the initial river cruise this year. The MCS officers, like Aunt (Nana) Fabi Alcala-Arejola (who personally invited me), Manoy Leon (Yoyon) Lademo, Nana Fe Reyes-Lizardo(mom of Mayor Cris Lizardo) & daughter, Mr.Tony Pellosis, and the rest (two other kabayans-I forgot the names) & the boatman, (Cpt.Jonathan Borja of San Felipe-Santiago was left behind) experienced the things/factors that this huge project-Minalabac Cruise-could offer in order to boost the tourism industry of the town.The cruise started at Poblacion past 8 AM, with its first stop (landing station) at Brgy.Taban (the place of hometown war hero Loduvico Arejola.We visited the marker and we also met Manoy Juan Nitura,hero's relative who also recounted the hero's legacy.
We proceeded the cruise and took time taking photos of interesting landmarks/flora and fauna along the riverbanks.
Next to Taban is brgy.Catanusan, BĂ gongbong, Baliuag Viejo and Nuevo until we reached sitio Bingcay,Magadap ( known for its 'shelly'riverbank around 11 AM.
We met fishermen along the way and bought some of their catch (carp @ P100 per estimated kilo).
Some artifacts were retrieved there for the #Tumatarok_Museum.
We lost count of the time as we ate and savoured (devoured,hehehe!) a sumptous lunch prepared by Nana Fabi's caretaker.
Afternoon cruise,
As we returned home, we did a tour at Sitio Inguinan, Bagongbong, the old site of Hispanic Minalabac where we trekked at the location of the burial site.
A bomb's mortar during Japanese invasion (WWII) was also given to Nana Fabi to be displayed at the town's museum.
#MinalabacRiverCruise will not only promote the town's scenic spots along the river but will also offer hospitality, people's produce and history.
We reached the Poblacion before 4 PM.