Friday, October 2, 2015

PANTOMINA (Wedding/Courtship Dance in Bicol, Philippines)

Sept.28,2015: A grand wedding of the unica hija of Mr. & Mrs. Abe & Amy Anselmo happened at our neighboring barangay Hobo, Minalabac, Camarines Sur (Bicol, Philippines).

It was such a momentous event  which was attended by almost the entire relatives and friends at Barangay Baliuag Nuevo of the same town.

This video  is the proof that a sort of 'Bayanihan' still exists these days.

Through this popular wedding/courtship dance, the ninongs and ninangs (padrino and madrina) or godparents help in gathering support  through donation of pinned money bills as gift to the newlyweds.

The well-offs and poor relatives and friends usually converge to dine and celebrate the matrimonial rites as memorable passage to the couple who are about to turn the page of their lives into marital status and have a family of their own.

In my own experiences, PANTOMINA is usually danced during Mr. & Mrs. Benefit Dance, aside from wedding occasion.

The excitement to be chosen as one of the dancing partners, in order to  raise funds for the organization, is as exciting as the newlyweds.

It is very popular in Bicol region as well as in some parts of Samar (being once a part of Bicol region,too).

In Burias Island of Masbate, teenagers pay for special Pantomina dance with their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Here in Camarines Sur, as well as in Catanduanes and Sorsogon, it is being danced on the streets during local festivals.

A full dance tribute is usually seen and performed on the streets in Sorsgon during the Kasanggayahan festival.

(With notes from: Ireno Alcala, Oct.2, 2015)