Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's this 'thing' called COPYSENTRY?

PLAGIARISM abound in the net. I used to research my topics before but I seldom ask permission to the authors due to time constraint. Even if I paraphrase it without asking the necessary approval from the original writers, it will be a grave proof that I committed 'plagiarism'.

Good thing I discovered COPYSENTRY. It's a product by Indigo Stream Technologies, provider of Giga Alerts , along with Copyscape that you can get through Premium account.

Anti-plagiarism banners that you can put on your page will warn or alarm potential plagiarists to wholly copy your articles or hubs (in Hubpages). The COPYSENTRY will be informed through the link from your page that someone is trying to copy your material.

You can share this information an be part of the CopySentry Forum if you're interested.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

To SWOM, or not to SWOM?

I discovered SWOM via HubPages thru my fellow hubber. It has a very close resemblance with Facebook but the BIG difference is that when you add request from SWOM users and GROUP invites, you accumulate points and can be converted into money. Isn't that a very GOOD NEWS?!

At present, I'm still a free member. I'll check my income after a month If I can avail the Gold membership.


By simply checking your dashboard and commenting positively on your status, and continuously adding new friends and groups, slowly but surely, you'll earn something valuable, FRIENDSHIP & MONEY!!!

Enjoy SWOMming!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Unique Campaigns at Barangay Elections 2010


Most of the candidates will have to be resourceful these days in order to outdo opponents. Starting from the campaign materials, music and jingles up to the highly-contested miting de avance, a barangay election candidate must have a concrete goal in order to draw voters, old and new registrants.

That's how I observe the forthcoming BARANGAY ELECTIONS 2010 here n the Philippines come October 25th.

I've seen many antics and strategies that candidates are showing when the campaign period started yesterday. There are colorful parades, shower of candies and all.

One barangay can have two or three barangay captain candidates. There are even independent candidates who believe that they have the capacity to serve the people in their vicinity.

I'm sure, VOTE-BUYING will be rampant before and on the election day. I know how a Filipino family is closely-knit with each other. The father or mother of a certain family or clan will surely influence  their siblings or children.

Coinciding the local elections is the SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) elections. Young as they are, they also believe that they can handle the pressure in handling key positions at the local electorate or the youth seat at the barangay council.

Okay, let's wait and see who wins and who will be defeated. Good luck to all! Just avoid being violent (as early news revealed). Win or loose, it is just another competition that should be respected by everyone, the voters and the candidates.

UNDAS preparations

I've been waiting for a PUJ (public utility jeepney) or simply 'dyipney' in our Filipino language, in the old GSIS building of Naga City last Wednesday (October 13th, 2010) that will carry me to the town of Magarao to attend to a birthday invitation, when I passed an array of marble shops in Barlin Street. I ignored it first because my concentration was to take a photo at the Porta Mariae (Mary's Gate) at the Naga Cathedral Church.

As I waited for the 'dyip' to pass by, I was drawn to the tinkering sound made by a middle-aged lady on the slab of marble, engraving designs for the forthcoming All Souls Day (UNDAS or Araw ng mga Patay or Kaluluwa)on November 1st. I was amazed by the tenacity of the lady's work. Then, braving myself, I immediately asked permission to have her photographed. I introduced myself as a blogger and a hubber as well for proof. I even wrote it on the pad of blank paper, available at the counter of one of the shops.

Little did I know that the lady is also the owner of the marble shop and her daughter and son is alwso working there. Wow! It's a family business at its best!

And they own most of the marble shops, there. They didn't only design lapida or marble marker for the dead. You can also buy marble works, such as mortar and pestle,  marble statues of saints and the Holy Family and other figurines that you can use as gifts this coming Christmas season.

Here's the proof of my 'little adventure' for you to admire.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Diana Golden-Brosnihan: How She Fought Breast Cancer 'til the End

A 'love story' out of breast cancer? Yes, fellow hubbers, two people became closer because of this 'dreaded' disease that claimed the life of Diana Golden in 2001. Did the name ring a bell to you. I'm sure you do, if you're a fan of Winter Olympics or skiing as your favorite sport.
Her story, personal life and the battle against breast cancer is a formidable testimony that we can eliminate the disease in the years to come, mostly affecting women and men, too. Diana Golden was the one who manifested that all athletes should be equally treated regardless of her ability or disability.
Family, friends and fans of Miss Golden will really miss her 'enthusiasm' as she battled this disease, even it cost her temporary life.
As a hubber, I am just re-echoing her persistence to 'never miss' living a life, even if your body is invaded by this deadly disease. The news, obituaries and her inspiration will stay in the memories of those who believe in the cause she's fighting for: Eradicate BREAST Cancer!!!

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A Simple Itch Can Cause Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I was startled by the news brought about by my mother, who's active in community service as barangay councilor, regarding one of the mothers in our place, believed to be suffering from breast cancer. The mother, who's breastfeeding her 5 month-old baby, suffered an itchy rash on her left breast last month.

She said she continued scratching it due to its itchiness but it became a inflamed and became a full-blown open wound. My mother told the husband to better send the ailing mother in the hospital but the family cannot afford to do so because they don't have enough money for the treatment.

The problem with our local health center at our place is that it only opens Wednesday every week with the presence of a resident midwife managing and distributing medicines to the residents. So, there's no available help to ease the burden of the mother.

They resorted to herbal medicines, but the open wound became malignant and another two wounds appeared on the breast. It has a smelly pus, like a decaying dead rat, according to her friends.

If only I have enough money to help her...

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Travel Man's Art Galore

One year of hubbing and still enjoying it.
I also love blogging, but am becoming confused on how to prioritize the two.


That's right. It's like husband and wife..the HubPages and the BlogSpot. The two have many things in common.
  • Google AdSense 
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • YieldBuild

One thing they the MONETIZATION!!! Finally.

Just imagine how committed I am with these two these the SOCIAL MEDIA, like the Twitter and Facebook.
And other interesting sites, like the Flickr for photos, for free-making of your own website, among others!!!

FREEWEBS LAUNCHES CREATIVITY VIA MULTIMEDIA WEBSITES/BLOGS.(Website overview): An article from: Online Product NewsFREEWEBS LAUNCHES CREATIVITY VIA MULTIMEDIA WEBSITES/BLOGS.(Website overview): An article from: Online Product NewsSo many things to do in the net...will I ever sleep again, peacefully?

HubCamp-Philippines: Soon?

Prolific hubber and HubPages staff Simone Smith happily announced the first-ever HP HubCamp (after four years) via Forums that will be held on October 6, 2010/6:00-8:30 pm at the Golden Gate Ballroom of the Serrano Hotel in California, USA with the theme: on how to become a better hubber and improve your online writing skills. Paul Edmonson, HP CEO and Founder, will be the main speaker on the said free event.
If you want to attend, the RSVP (French words = répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "Please respond") man is Jason Menayan. With this, I left comments on HubPages' Facebook account and HubPages Blog.
The enthusiasm of hubbers, including me never fizzled but stayed on a high momentum while anticipating the said event.
When I read about the HubCamp, I thought it will be a week's outdoor camping and and series of writing activities focusing on the famous topics that hubbers around the world have written money-making hubs. Plus actual writing contest for the participants.I am dreaming of a huge get-together by world's prolific writers.
I'm sure in the next HubCamp sponsored by HubPages, it will be more fabulous with all the actual samplings on the hubs written by hubbers, particularly on Food (hehe!).
Present in spirit, but absent in person...this will be my drama as I wait for the outcome of the initial HubCamp. Good luck to you, guys!!!

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