Friday, October 15, 2010

UNDAS preparations

I've been waiting for a PUJ (public utility jeepney) or simply 'dyipney' in our Filipino language, in the old GSIS building of Naga City last Wednesday (October 13th, 2010) that will carry me to the town of Magarao to attend to a birthday invitation, when I passed an array of marble shops in Barlin Street. I ignored it first because my concentration was to take a photo at the Porta Mariae (Mary's Gate) at the Naga Cathedral Church.

As I waited for the 'dyip' to pass by, I was drawn to the tinkering sound made by a middle-aged lady on the slab of marble, engraving designs for the forthcoming All Souls Day (UNDAS or Araw ng mga Patay or Kaluluwa)on November 1st. I was amazed by the tenacity of the lady's work. Then, braving myself, I immediately asked permission to have her photographed. I introduced myself as a blogger and a hubber as well for proof. I even wrote it on the pad of blank paper, available at the counter of one of the shops.

Little did I know that the lady is also the owner of the marble shop and her daughter and son is alwso working there. Wow! It's a family business at its best!

And they own most of the marble shops, there. They didn't only design lapida or marble marker for the dead. You can also buy marble works, such as mortar and pestle,  marble statues of saints and the Holy Family and other figurines that you can use as gifts this coming Christmas season.

Here's the proof of my 'little adventure' for you to admire.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes