Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth

I can aptly describe it as a very dirturbing, alarming and shocking truth.

The footages on the videomentary (documentary video) by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore were really the truth about what is really happening in the entire world regarding climate change and global warming.

I've experienced the fury of Hurricane Katrina way back August 28, 2005. I was onboard a commercial vessel, M/V Parthenon of Tsakos Shipping and Trading, S.A. The ship of twenty five crew plus one passenger (the wife of Greek second engineer) were exposed to the pummeling of the Carribean Sea brought about by Katrina's very strong sustained winds. We cannot eat and we already donned our lifejackets in case the ship gave way to the deadly hurricane (category 5). The effects of Katrina was very strong even were already far at a distance of two hundred nautical miles.

Industrial progress around the world have setbacks and one of that is the climate change and its effects:global warming.

As a seafarer, I've seen the effects of too much oil mining and refining in every industrialized country we engaged into, loading and discharging crude oil cargo. Pollution, name it and the biggest one global warming.

Alternative energies are already here on earth since time in memoriam. The power of the water, air, and the sun are much better than continue utilizing the blood of the earth, and that is oil. It is more convenient and pollution-free if the government of every country in the world will fully harness its potentials.
Hurricane Katrina, August 28, 2005

Again, it will be a better place to live again if government officials, businessmen and capitalists heard our protests and adhere with what the bloggers are doing for this cause.