Monday, October 12, 2009

Claiming my prize

I've been notified a week ago by my co-Filipino crew from my former shipping principal, Tsakos Shipping & Trading, S.A. under the management of Wallem Philippines that I've won the major prizes of the 2008 Postermaking Contest sponsored by the said Greek company.

We both work at the said shipping company. I work since 2001 until 2008 when an intgrigue forced our crewing manager to transfer me in Viken fleet, also a principal of Wallem.

I don't have any regret because I am more at home with the Filipino crew in my present principal. Other benefits were added including our union's contribution in AMOSUP (Filipino Seafarer's Union) and additional life insurance if ever we encounter an accident.

Now, going back to my issue, my friend said I should claim my monetary prizes because all my winning entries are being posted to all the commercial vessels owned and managed by TST.

It's not very surprising that I've known it already because even I was ousted from the company, I've already got the news about it.

I've already contacted the crewing manager of Tsakos here in the Philippines through text messages but he is still not sending a response. Maybe he's so busy as of this writing.

By the way, the major topic of the contest is about protecting the marine environment. The contest covered the month of January until February last year.

Is it still worthy if I still claim the prize I should have received last year?