Monday, September 3, 2012

Inventions in the Philippines: Tubig-Powered Machine, Self-Charging Car and Iron Mate Tubig-Powered Machine
Frequent brownout or power outage of electricity prompted Filipino inventor Steve Rejuso to launch hisTubig-Powered Machine that can light a flashlight, a lamp post, charge batteries and battery pack of cellular phones or even power a transistor radio. This can be possible by just spraying any kind of liquid (dirty or clean) or water on the assembly of metal plates than can power a village for two weeks!!!
The application of Tubig-Powered Machine is now functioning at barangay Greater Lagro, Quezon City.
Mr. Rejuso said that while he was tinkering and repairing a commissioned work, her wife noticed that jumble of electric metals plates with wires on it attached to a testing lamp, made the lamp lighted whenever it was drenched by water spray.
It was the start of the innovation and invention of the application, a self-generating machine that supply power to the community whenever there's a power shortage.
Mr. Rejuso already catches the attention of national media and was featured at the Saturday documentary of ABS-CBN (4:00 pm via IMBENSIYON, July 16, 2011).
He is aiming to reach far-flung places of the Philippines where service of electricity is not available.
2nd : Self-Charging Electric Car

Here's the veracity of  information regarding the Filipino invention about a self-charging electric car by using the ambient energy surrounding it.
The Department of Energy tested Ismael Aviso's invention last February 24, 2011 as he underwent series of interviews from the USA, Australia and other parts of the world. His patent is #3 in the world category with other inventions, similar to his.
With just two 12-volt batteries as the starter, his invention can channel the energy into the car's machine and it increases as the car starts using the so-called ambient energy surrounding it.
Called the AVISO Tech or the Repelling Force technology, it is now being considered as threat to the oil industry that continue to dominate the world market, at same time polluting the environment.
People are now more aware of the positive effects of using Mr. Aviso's discovery. They are now clamoring for the government's response regarding this matter.
Production of self-charging electric cars can support jobless Filipinos. They should act now before others steal the technology.
Ambient energy is also called energy harvesting, power harvesting or energy scavenging where all the possible sources of power (air, thermal, water) are stored to autonomous and wireless gadget with low-generating power then transformed it into bigger, useable energy because of the electromagnetic energy in the environment due to radio and television broadcasting.

3rd: Iron Mate

Another Filipino inventor enjoying the sales of his commercial product is Rodolfo Biescas, Sr. He is popular because of Iron Mate where you can save energy when you use it while ironing clothes.
A former teacher from this hubber's region (Bicol), Mr. Biescas is now busy with his patented products, like the Iron Mate. It's like the sole of flat iron where you plug its male cord. There's a power meter that will register the amount of power present. Then, for 25 seconds, the flat iron will be heated; it's time for your to start ironing. Then if you'll put back the flat iron, the power will automatically shut off. No power will be wasted. Even if you forget to unplug it from the Iron mate, you will not worry about electrical fire that usually happen if the flat iron become overheated. Almost 50 percent of the usual power consumption will be saved.
The rest of his invention patents are also enjoying popularity like his alternative fuel called Bricks Coal from coconut shell, Tungko or small cylindrical stove and the Safoon (used when using public toilet).
His only plead to the government is to recognize their contributions hat can help alleviate the economic status of the people and the country as well.

Republic Act (RA) No. 7459 - IIIAP

Republic Act (RA) No. 7459, otherwise known as the Inventors and Inventions Incentive Acts of the Philippines seldom promote local inventions, whereas the common trend of the Filipinos is to embrace commercial products coming from other countries or the imported ones.
This was confirmed by Guillermo Chua, the national president of the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS). Although established in 1943, Mr. Chua reiterated that the lack of support from the government often put the group at the sidelight and obscurity. With just P3 million pesos as an annual budget, he group barely survive due to the fact that the money will just be spent to help fellow local inventors to patent, prototype and promote their inventions in the media.
The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) challenged them to submit their rationale on their inventions so that it will be produced commercially if found useful to the Filipino people.
If the government will just ignore such pleadings from the inventors, the country will only loose such inventions, like what happened to the inventions called, multi-shack bullet (by Ricky Arambulo) and the karaoke system (by Roberto del Rosario) or even the armalite (by Armando Malite).