Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look and feel good every day

Non-Invasive Beauty Procedures in 2010

It’s there already. Women who are beauty-conscious may already knew these non-invasive beauty procedures (NIBP) for a year or two. For men who are ageing like me, and adding weight and fats in my tummy or stomach, arms or whole body, these can be helpful to at least rejuvenate ourselves this year. It will not require cutting your body parts through surgery or sewing it again just to loose weight and beautify ourselves. It can only be a one-month session or weeks or days only. Mind you, these are the things we should do this year if all hubbers want to look and feel beautiful and handsome inside and out, whatever age bracket we belong. NIBP is both a beauty and weight loose regimen without undergoing our body parts in the doctor’s scalpel.

Diet Injection

Obese patients are the priority and best candidates of this weight loose program. Diet injection is a 30-day treatment involving a 21-injection package. The procedure is on a daily basis with only a day of rest a week. The injection content is called HCG (human chorionic ghonadotropin) that is present in female body during pregnancy period. HCG mobilizes our body fats and converts it into energy source.

When I watched one health television show last Sunday (January 17, 2010) with Dra. Vicky Belo, MD, Cosmetic Surgeon and Beauty Expert as the interviewee, she said that maintenance medication is a no-no during diet injection. It only requires 500-calorie daily diet, no cheating by taking diet pills that can suppress one’s appetite. Daily exercise is also a plus during the session.

Diet injection is best for fats that are inside our body parts, like liver and abdomen, not just in our skin or body flesh. It doesn’t require liposuction or fat removal through this kind of surgical procedure. It is just about diet discipline.

You can loose one pound of weight per day. It takes three days to get out with the effects of HCG. There’s no residual effects like nausea and feeling hungry during the procedure.

Ultrasonic procedures

This refers to the weight loose procedures involving high-frequency sounds. Fat reduction and body contouring are the main purposes of the regimen. Unlike, liposuction and tummy tuck, it doesn’t require sedation of the patient or customer.

Nova Shape - A special ultrasonic instrument will be used by introducing ultrasound frequency or ultrasonic energy into the fatty parts of our body like the belly part of our stomach, hips, thighs and arms. Fats are being broken to small particles due to the induced frequency and excrete it through perspiration, urine and bowel movement. Some patients or customer will tell their doctors that they are having fatty excretes or feces.

Tenor - It involves uni-polar and bipolar radio frequency technology. A 6-8 sessions, once a week will be enough to perm your body flesh for a year. If your face looks young because of this heat and wave procedure, you must also include perming the skin of your body. Fats will be melted by the heat being emitted by the machine and radio waves that will remove it from your body.

Apollo (Multipolar) - It’s a combination of both (Nova Shape and Tenor). Skin tightening treatment and rejuvenation altogether are the best results you will see after undergoing the treatment.

Thermage CPT - This is the best treatment after liposuction. Six perm classes will be required for the patient to undergo. Same procedures will be conducted just like the first 3 mentioned weight loose procedures. Most importantly, it requires no sedation at all.

These non-invasive beauty procedures (NIBP) requires a huge budget for your healthy lifestyle. If you don’t have enough money to go to your favorite beauty center, daily exercise with proper diet will do.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eighteen years of being a victim of witchcraft

This is a grim situation my brother is fighting nowadays. It began eighteen years ago by trusting other people whom he befriended in the city of Manila here in the Philippines. Fernando, my brother is a victim of barang, a Filipino kind of witchcraft which is rampant in the country. It is derived from the western occultism and dark art of witchcraft that cause too many havocs in so many innocent lives.

My brother finished his college in the early 90s as a mechanic. Eventually, after graduation he was hired by a big multi-national company owned by a well-known personality in the country as a chief mechanic. His role ranged from supervising his people and assembling heavy trucks used for commercial purposes.

Being new in Manila brought him to a boarding house in one of the main cities of the metropolis. The family, composed of the couple, son and daughter, parents in law, lured my brother to live with them without knowing their ulterior motive to enslave him to a kind of witchcraft called barang.

At first, they treated my brother as their eldest son. In return, he gave them all the gratitude he could offer even his weekly wages to support his newfound family in the city. He even brought his landlady to our home in the province. I was irked and disgusted because rumors spread the she is my brother’s woman. She is old enough to be his mother. I asked his landlady why he accompanied my brother when in fact she is a married woman.

The frank words that I uttered to the woman triggered her to abuse the kindness of my brother. My family and I didn’t know that she knows how to use barang or witchcraft.

A year later, we heard the news about the freak accident that my brother encountered while repairing a television set at the woman’s house. It’s raining outside when he adjusted the antennae at the rooftop of the house. The woman’s son was watching my brother when he accidentally grab the main line of electricity. The kid ran for help while he fought for life by resisting the effects of the 3,000 volts of electricity that left him with wounded right hand. His pulse exploded and also his tummy and the back of his upper legs. My mother was very angry at that time. She immediately went to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) while my father was left in the province to tend the farm. The woman claimed that my mother didn’t spent a single cent for the expenses of my brother opposite to the truth that my mother exhausted our resources for the hospital bills. She didn’t even said sorry for what happened to my brother. Even his husband didn’t clear and explained what happened to my brother at their house.

In 1998, when my father was hospitalized at the PGH for lung cancer, the couple who was summoned by my elder sister visited the death bed off my father. They said that they’re not collecting the earnings of my brother whom we thought that he’s in some kind of limbo because he didn’t show any sad emotion like crying when my father died.

A year later, I graduated from culinary school. I was ready to go to Manila for a further training at the seaman’s center and complete my requirements to work overseas on board a merchant vessel. I borrowed P10,000.00 (ten thousand pesos) from my brother. Later, I learnt that it was borrowed by the older woman from a loan shark which she later claimed that it was her own money contrary to the truth that it was my brother’s earnings.

The dark side of barang

This kind of witchcraft is killing my brother slowly. He is experiencing memory lapses and the only thing that he wanted to do everyday is his job as chief mechanic. He don’t even have a clear account of the death of my father in 1998. He don’t even remember that he wore a pair of eyeglasses when he attended the burial. He looked like a 50-year old man when he escaped from the room that his landlady-witch used for her dark and deadly schemes.

Just recently, he quarreled with the old woman when he realized that he acquired bruises and insect bites without actually knowing its cause. He said he see the woman praying whenever he’s awake at night. With all the candles, surrounding his picture and a voodoo doll full of insects (ants, usually) and cement on its head, and small plastic basin full of water, he ignored the eerie environment because someone is always whispering in his ears just to concentrate on his work. He also retold the incident that the old woman gave her a cat as pet. The unusual thing about the cat was it was chained by the woman. The woman said he should take care of it that he did.

Luckily, another woman became his ‘guardian angel’. Not far from his work, he met Melda while he was walking going to his work. Their eyes met and the thing that caught her attention was my brother’s way of dressing (closed-neck flannel long sleeve shirts and a bull cap. Melda own a store which my brother frequently visit. She noticed unusual markings on my brothers arms and face. She told him that he should wear appropriate clothes for the tropical climate of our country. She was horrified of what he saw in my brother’s arms. Aside from insect bites on his arms, she saw bites all over his body. My brother said it didn’t itch a bit, so she didn’t have to worry.

When the old woman knew that he was befriending another woman, she got angry and nearly cut my brother’s right finger. She took care of my brother for nearly a year until the woman discovered. My brother said that he never use the old woman, sexually. Although, he had memory lapses, he claimed that the only thing clear to him is his work.

When my brother decided to seek my sister’s help the first day of the new year, the old woman insisted to accompany him. But my brother declined instead he ask the help of Melda to accompany him to my sister’s house. There, my sister sought the help of our cousin who knows how to oppose the effects of the witchcraft.

The next events when retold  by my brother seemed bizarre to me. The pieces of hardened cement on his head, the white sticky sap of jackfruit on his left arm and many insects (ants, etc.) form his right arm awakened me to the reality that evil deeds are spreading in the world right now!

Aftermath of the curse

My sister immediately sought the help of the local officials at my brother’s place. With the help of Melda, they asked bystanders the whereabouts of the boarding house. The barangay tanod or local guards led them to the abode of the old woman. The door was slightly open when they call the woman. My sister was aghast when they found out in action what the woman was doing. She’s into an actual ritual of barang with all the candles around the picture of my brother! She didn’t recognize my sister but when she saw Melda, the old woman went berserk shouting at the top of her voice that it was Melda’s fault why my brother left her.

At present, my brother’s belongings: clothes, appliances and mechanic’s tools were brought to the barangay hall for clearance. The lupons or elder local judges of the barangay heard the complaints of my sister against the older woman who used to be my brother’s landlady. I said to them to file for theft because the woman didn’t want to return my brother’s ATM (automated teller machine) card. All my brother’s earnings went to the woman and her family. Even, we cannot accuse her and put her to jail because of witchcraft, at least the case for theft or robbery can put her inside the cell.

Furthermore, the old woman was ranting my name because she claimed that she helped me with my training before going overseas which was a blatant lie. How can she have money without having a job? The worst of it, I also experienced the bizarre consequences that my brother felt. When he came home three days after the new year here in he province, we went to the beach for two days to soak our bodies in the seawater. But you will not believe what I’ve found when I felt an itchiness on the left side of my neck: it’s an ant!. There’s no ant crawling on the beach. Where did it came from?

Fighting the ‘barang’

Although, I am skeptic at first, we can fight evil people around us. I we read the Holy Bible, there are many passages in the Books of Old and New Testaments warning us against the minions of the Devil or Satan. Our belief for the Creator of God Almighty should be strengthened, because materialism is apparent nowadays. Most of us are lured into the worldly gains that we often forget that these blessings comes from the Lord.

These evil people can never destroy our physical and spiritual bodies if we surrender ourselves to God. I admit that I was blinded by the material world. I we are strong in our belief to the Creator, evil deeds will never defeat us.