Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Si SHANE, Ang Batang Madasalin

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Si SHANE  ay  isang pitong  taong gulang  na bata. Ang kanyang mga  magulang  ay sina ORLANDO  (Orlan)  at  EVELYN (Eve).

Medyo  nakakaluwag sa   buhay ang  pamilya  dahil may  matatag  na  trabaho  si  Orlan  sa isang  Online Store, siya  ay  tinatawag  na 'ninja' bilang  taga-deliver ng  mga produktong inorder ng  mga  kliyente sa internet.  Si  Eve  naman  ay Health  Worker  ng  barangay Matahimik

Solong  anak si Shane, ngunit  hindi  siya  ini-spoil ng kanyang mga magulang. Puno ng  magagandang  aral ang  bawat araw  na  lumulipas  sa kanilang pamilya.

Ngunit  isang  matinding pagsubok ang  dumating  sa kanilang  buhay. Nagkasakit  si  Shane ng leukemia , ngunit  hindi  bumitaw  ang  mga magulang niya  sa Panginoon.

Bagkus, lalo pang  tumibay  ang kanilang  paniniawala sa Kanya, pati  na ang  pamayanan na lubos  ang pagkagiliw  sa madasaling  si Shane.

Sa ospital, idineklara  ng  doktor na namatay  na si  Shane, ngunit  hindi  naniniwala ang  mga  magulang  niya.
Habang  nasa langit  si  Shane,  nakausap   niya  si  Hesus , ang  Anak ng Diyos, at  ipinamulat  sa kanya  ang  pagkakaroon ng  busilak  na  puso  na handang  tumulong  sa mga  nangangailangan.

Isang  himala  ang  ibinigay ng  Anak ng  Diyos kay  Shane. Siya  ay  bumalik  uli sa  lupa sa piling ng  kanyang mga  magulang.

At  dito  magsisimula  ang  mga  kapana-panabik na mga misyon  na  lulutasin  ni  Shane. Mula  sa simpleng  problema ng  mga  bata, hanggang sa mga matatanda  sa kanilang  lugar.

Sa mga  dasal  ni Shane at  mga payo  niya  sa mga  taong nakakasalamuha niya, nagagawa niyang  mailapit  ang mga  ito  sa Poong  Maykapal.

Si  SHANE, ang  batang  madasalin  ay mayroong  napakalaking papel  upang  mabago  ang iyong pananaw  sa  buhay  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

MINALABAC River Cruise

It is a voyage along inland waterways, often stopping at multiple ports along the way. Since cities and towns often grew up around rivers, river cruise is a potential tourism industry.

Can it happen in my town, Minalabac?

Aug.28,2016: MINALABAC RIVER CRUISE-Soon To Be Real
#Minalabac_Cultural_Society spearheaded the initial river cruise this year. The MCS officers, like Aunt (Nana) Fabi Alcala-Arejola (who personally invited me), Manoy Leon (Yoyon) Lademo, Nana Fe Reyes-Lizardo(mom of Mayor Cris Lizardo) & daughter, Mr.Tony Pellosis, and the rest (two other kabayans-I forgot the names) & the boatman, (Cpt.Jonathan Borja of San Felipe-Santiago was left behind) experienced the things/factors that this huge project-Minalabac Cruise-could offer in order to boost the tourism industry of the town.The cruise started at Poblacion past 8 AM, with its first stop (landing station) at Brgy.Taban (the place of hometown war hero Loduvico Arejola.We visited the marker and we also met Manoy Juan Nitura,hero's relative who also recounted the hero's legacy.
We proceeded the cruise and took time taking photos of interesting landmarks/flora and fauna along the riverbanks.
Next to Taban is brgy.Catanusan, Bàgongbong, Baliuag Viejo and Nuevo until we reached sitio Bingcay,Magadap ( known for its 'shelly'riverbank around 11 AM.
We met fishermen along the way and bought some of their catch (carp @ P100 per estimated kilo).
Some artifacts were retrieved there for the #Tumatarok_Museum.
We lost count of the time as we ate and savoured (devoured,hehehe!) a sumptous lunch prepared by Nana Fabi's caretaker.
Afternoon cruise,
As we returned home, we did a tour at Sitio Inguinan, Bagongbong, the old site of Hispanic Minalabac where we trekked at the location of the burial site.
A bomb's mortar during Japanese invasion (WWII) was also given to Nana Fabi to be displayed at the town's museum.
#MinalabacRiverCruise will not only promote the town's scenic spots along the river but will also offer hospitality, people's produce and history.
We reached the Poblacion before 4 PM.


Friday, October 2, 2015

PANTOMINA (Wedding/Courtship Dance in Bicol, Philippines)

Sept.28,2015: A grand wedding of the unica hija of Mr. & Mrs. Abe & Amy Anselmo happened at our neighboring barangay Hobo, Minalabac, Camarines Sur (Bicol, Philippines).

It was such a momentous event  which was attended by almost the entire relatives and friends at Barangay Baliuag Nuevo of the same town.

This video  is the proof that a sort of 'Bayanihan' still exists these days.

Through this popular wedding/courtship dance, the ninongs and ninangs (padrino and madrina) or godparents help in gathering support  through donation of pinned money bills as gift to the newlyweds.

The well-offs and poor relatives and friends usually converge to dine and celebrate the matrimonial rites as memorable passage to the couple who are about to turn the page of their lives into marital status and have a family of their own.

In my own experiences, PANTOMINA is usually danced during Mr. & Mrs. Benefit Dance, aside from wedding occasion.

The excitement to be chosen as one of the dancing partners, in order to  raise funds for the organization, is as exciting as the newlyweds.

It is very popular in Bicol region as well as in some parts of Samar (being once a part of Bicol region,too).

In Burias Island of Masbate, teenagers pay for special Pantomina dance with their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Here in Camarines Sur, as well as in Catanduanes and Sorsogon, it is being danced on the streets during local festivals.

A full dance tribute is usually seen and performed on the streets in Sorsgon during the Kasanggayahan festival.

(With notes from: Ireno Alcala, Oct.2, 2015)

Friday, July 17, 2015

EX-LINK Management and Marketing Services Corporation denied two Marino Idols (June 2015) finalists of their consolation cash prizes of PhP5,000.00 each!!!

The controversy started right after the awarding of three finalists who grabbed the title of Marino Idol for June 2015, Mr. Talent and People's Choice.

They've been given cash prizes and freebies. The remaining two finalists were left backstage wondering why they're not awarded with the promised cash as seen at the Facebook Page of Marino Idols.

I was one of the Top 5 Finalists who hurdled all the contest portions (casual, marine uniform, talent, formal wear and Q&A) with dedication.

So without any complaint after the euphoria of the contest, as I received the freebies given by the staff of Ex-LINK, I went home walking the Roxas Boulevard, from Palacio de Maynila Event Center and rested at the Libertad station, where I talked with a fellow Bicolano, the brother of my landlady at Dongalo, Parañaque City, Metro Manila, where I used to board since 2002.


A week before, as I surfed the Facebook Page of Marino Idols and was drawn to upload my over-a-minute video with my sample song. 

After a day, Ms. Hasmine Mendiola, the official coordinator from Ex-LINK texted me about the preliminaries or elimination round of the event, coinciding the celebration of International Seafarers Day on June 25th.

So, after bidding goodbye with my family, borrowing additional budget for my bus fare from a reliable neighbor, I went to Manila come Sunday evening.

The busy Monday of June 22nd saw me bustling the traffic at Luneta Seafarers' Welfare (LUSWELF) Center and joined the eager candidates to show our stuff/talents. There were more that 20 of us who got interested with the alluring prizes.

To think, I was already claiming the top prize because I really want to go the island of Boracay to ease my boredom and stress from having a two-year hiatus in commercial seafaring.

But to my surprise, the organizer, Ex-LINK and UFS/LUSWELF with its head, Marine Engr. Nelson P. Ramirez, included us for the finals of the event.


As Ms. Hasmine Mendiola of Ex-LINK oriented us, it became a full-blown men pageant as we will be strutting our wits, humor (boredom?) in modelling at the ramp(stage).

And, lo, I became one of the Top 5 Finalists of Marino Idols June 2015 Edition (amid my oily/haggard face).


When I arrived at the  boarding house, everyone were clamoring about my inclusion at the Top 5 of Marino Idols.

I gave them all my freebies after an exhausting day, going home empty-handed.

They just wondered why I was didn't awarded with the cash prize intended for the finalists.

The 'balato' fever died a natural death as I went home to Bicol with a borrowed bus fare from my elder sister (again!).


Five days after the event, after thanking all the people who help me 'make it through the Marino Idols', (Manay Glo, Manay Belen, Ma'am Eleanor Barola of Baclaran Day Care Center and Ma'am Jo Peñaredondo Arnante of MPCF-Alumni Association, Inc.-my alma mater), inquiries about the event's turnout began to 'sink in' with me.

My fellow finalist messaged me in my Messenger. I also inquired about our consolation prize with the UF President and Founder, Engr. Ramirez and also disturbed the peace of the Marino Idol June 2015 Title holder 2nd Mate Salvador'Budz' Cerillo Sigalat of Albay (fellow Bicolano) and Chef Alvin Decena (Mr. Talent) regarding about it. And lastly, the Ex-LINK (the event organizer).

Here's what our conversations spilled out the uncertainties about our situation.

The Ex-LINK cautioned me with the phrase about 'RESPECT'. 

Look who's talking?

They didn't respected us when they did it to me and my fellow Top 5 Marino Idol finalist.

P.S.Post comments if you are affected of this topic. I'm ready to answer your queries about my recent post on my blog.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Inventions in the Philippines: Tubig-Powered Machine, Self-Charging Car and Iron Mate Tubig-Powered Machine
Frequent brownout or power outage of electricity prompted Filipino inventor Steve Rejuso to launch hisTubig-Powered Machine that can light a flashlight, a lamp post, charge batteries and battery pack of cellular phones or even power a transistor radio. This can be possible by just spraying any kind of liquid (dirty or clean) or water on the assembly of metal plates than can power a village for two weeks!!!
The application of Tubig-Powered Machine is now functioning at barangay Greater Lagro, Quezon City.
Mr. Rejuso said that while he was tinkering and repairing a commissioned work, her wife noticed that jumble of electric metals plates with wires on it attached to a testing lamp, made the lamp lighted whenever it was drenched by water spray.
It was the start of the innovation and invention of the application, a self-generating machine that supply power to the community whenever there's a power shortage.
Mr. Rejuso already catches the attention of national media and was featured at the Saturday documentary of ABS-CBN (4:00 pm via IMBENSIYON, July 16, 2011).
He is aiming to reach far-flung places of the Philippines where service of electricity is not available.
2nd : Self-Charging Electric Car

Here's the veracity of  information regarding the Filipino invention about a self-charging electric car by using the ambient energy surrounding it.
The Department of Energy tested Ismael Aviso's invention last February 24, 2011 as he underwent series of interviews from the USA, Australia and other parts of the world. His patent is #3 in the world category with other inventions, similar to his.
With just two 12-volt batteries as the starter, his invention can channel the energy into the car's machine and it increases as the car starts using the so-called ambient energy surrounding it.
Called the AVISO Tech or the Repelling Force technology, it is now being considered as threat to the oil industry that continue to dominate the world market, at same time polluting the environment.
People are now more aware of the positive effects of using Mr. Aviso's discovery. They are now clamoring for the government's response regarding this matter.
Production of self-charging electric cars can support jobless Filipinos. They should act now before others steal the technology.
Ambient energy is also called energy harvesting, power harvesting or energy scavenging where all the possible sources of power (air, thermal, water) are stored to autonomous and wireless gadget with low-generating power then transformed it into bigger, useable energy because of the electromagnetic energy in the environment due to radio and television broadcasting.

3rd: Iron Mate

Another Filipino inventor enjoying the sales of his commercial product is Rodolfo Biescas, Sr. He is popular because of Iron Mate where you can save energy when you use it while ironing clothes.
A former teacher from this hubber's region (Bicol), Mr. Biescas is now busy with his patented products, like the Iron Mate. It's like the sole of flat iron where you plug its male cord. There's a power meter that will register the amount of power present. Then, for 25 seconds, the flat iron will be heated; it's time for your to start ironing. Then if you'll put back the flat iron, the power will automatically shut off. No power will be wasted. Even if you forget to unplug it from the Iron mate, you will not worry about electrical fire that usually happen if the flat iron become overheated. Almost 50 percent of the usual power consumption will be saved.
The rest of his invention patents are also enjoying popularity like his alternative fuel called Bricks Coal from coconut shell, Tungko or small cylindrical stove and the Safoon (used when using public toilet).
His only plead to the government is to recognize their contributions hat can help alleviate the economic status of the people and the country as well.

Republic Act (RA) No. 7459 - IIIAP

Republic Act (RA) No. 7459, otherwise known as the Inventors and Inventions Incentive Acts of the Philippines seldom promote local inventions, whereas the common trend of the Filipinos is to embrace commercial products coming from other countries or the imported ones.
This was confirmed by Guillermo Chua, the national president of the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS). Although established in 1943, Mr. Chua reiterated that the lack of support from the government often put the group at the sidelight and obscurity. With just P3 million pesos as an annual budget, he group barely survive due to the fact that the money will just be spent to help fellow local inventors to patent, prototype and promote their inventions in the media.
The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) challenged them to submit their rationale on their inventions so that it will be produced commercially if found useful to the Filipino people.
If the government will just ignore such pleadings from the inventors, the country will only loose such inventions, like what happened to the inventions called, multi-shack bullet (by Ricky Arambulo) and the karaoke system (by Roberto del Rosario) or even the armalite (by Armando Malite).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flood and Garbage

Waterworld in the future?

Flood and garbage are the main problems that besieged the main thoroughfares of Metro Manila here in the Philippines since the untimely monsoon surge on the first weekend of August 2012.
The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA) explained that while the tropical storm Gener was pummeling the upper northern part of the country, the southwest air called "habagat" suddenly intensified the bad weather.
Residents near the catch basin areas of the metropolis were not alerted of the situation, resulting to hundreds of casualties due to landslide and massive flooding resulting to forced evacuation of affected families.
A week later, still, many family households are still waiting for assistance from people's organizations and non-government organizations and also from the government itself through the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
Metro Manila mayors and President Benigno "P-noy" Simeon C. Aquino held emergency meeting tackling the problem and how to combat it in the future.
With the assistance of the police and military officers and members, they were able to lend quick assistance to answer trivial problems and isolated cases for immediate response.
As President P-noy stressed out, he is calling the attention of all Filipinos, especially illegal settlers or squatters in the city to ask for help from government agencies (with the help of barangay officials and local government units) in looking for a more safe residential places than stay at danger zones or low-lying areas.
The president also alerted and ordered his cabinet members and government secretaries to launch flood programs immediately, since 'climate change' is very much apparent in the country.
As our country is always visited by typhoons annually, the priority of the government is the proper zoning of the affected places and launching of projects that will control and pacify such disastrous event every year.

Flood and Garbage: More Fun in the Philippines?

It's like a slap on both sides of every Filipino's face as we suffer from our apathy and carelessness on the proper care of our environment.
Mother Nature is now giving back what most of us are doing for the past decades.
Have we done our assignment, yet regarding the maintenance of our surroundings.
Let us pause questions to ourselves, such as these:
  1. Did you learn how to segregate types of garbage at home? Or you don't care and you just throw it outside the house?
  2. Did you listen to the appeal of the local officials to properly clean the canals, so that plastic covers, Styrofoam, et cetera will not clog those waterways that can cause massive flooding?
  3. Are you still burning plastics that continue to deplete the ozone layer? Better change your attitude and be an advocate against climate change?
  4. Did you plant a tree or more trees in your whole life? Did you participate in a tree-planting activities that school organizations are promoting in order to help rebuild the Earth?
  5. Do you support an advocacy on environment that publicly campaign for proper waste disposal and management? Likewise for No Mining campaign, which contributed to massive flooding and landslide as well for the past years in the country.
If you support proper care and nurturing of our environment, then, you are an active advocate for Save the Earth movement. Better yet, you participate in rallies against commercial mining in the country, like what happened in Palawan. The people there are against mining, so, they seldom experience flash floods due to the trees that quickly absorb water from heavy rains and tropical storms.
The potential of tourism in our country is now smeared with flood and garbage as it leaves sediments of silts and dirty impression and hurtful memories in our minds.
As the time of social media comes to major propulsion, each of us can participate on the environmental campaign and government programs that can help such problems.
Let us trust the administration, change our negative outlook into positive disposition.

(With personal opinion and writings from travel_man1971 aka Ireno A. Alcala, August 14, 2012)

Did you help this street sweeper maintain the cleanliness of your community?