Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's this 'thing' called COPYSENTRY?

PLAGIARISM abound in the net. I used to research my topics before but I seldom ask permission to the authors due to time constraint. Even if I paraphrase it without asking the necessary approval from the original writers, it will be a grave proof that I committed 'plagiarism'.

Good thing I discovered COPYSENTRY. It's a product by Indigo Stream Technologies, provider of Giga Alerts , along with Copyscape that you can get through Premium account.

Anti-plagiarism banners that you can put on your page will warn or alarm potential plagiarists to wholly copy your articles or hubs (in Hubpages). The COPYSENTRY will be informed through the link from your page that someone is trying to copy your material.

You can share this information an be part of the CopySentry Forum if you're interested.