Friday, June 24, 2011

The Search for Happiness

I’ve been thinking about owning a blog spot on Finding Happiness before I completed this hub. My prayers were answered in due time.

My friend, who’s an IT (Information Technology) specialist, sent me a personal message on Facebook regarding the sub-domain of our high school batch site which he is maintaining.
He offered of making an appropriate blogspot on my articles on HubPages with a content of ‘happiness’ in each hub.
True enough, happy thoughts poured in as some of my ideas surfaced on the hubs that I’m making, just like what I thought it should be.
I’ve read a lot of happy thoughts from other hubbers and those who frequent social media sites, posting messages of happiness (Bible quotations and personal experiences) that inspired others to continue contributing good deeds to make this world a happy place to live with.

(Please see and read my complete hub on HubPages)