Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing DinoDirect: The #1 Online Shopping Store in Asia!

An insider at DinoDirect personally contacted me about this OnlineShopping site in mainland China which is gaining popularity as major competing online store around the world. It can now be compared with Amazon & eBay for its increasing number of customers.

Without much further ado, I checked on the site and I was enthralled by array of choices, from famous brands in electronic and computer gadgets, especially the iPad 2 that I've been craving for. They've been selling products from A to Z (non-perishable items) that you can imagine. They have it there!

From the message that I received from April Chan, I came to know more about DinoDirect. She requested me to make some posting on my HubPages and also here on my blog spot to share sentiments on that particular online shopping site.

After an exchange of pleasantries and orienting me on her job as one of the employees there, I also did my research on YouTube uploads regarding DinoDirect and compared it with other online shopping sites, eBay and Amazon in particular. Both have ups and downs regarding delivery complaints, product returns.

I've also searched and browsed at the offical Facebook sites of the three online stores. There are always irate customers to attend to. It's true that we cannot please everyone in this kind of business. There will be always complaints to attend to.

What I can conclude is that online shopping stores are now the next level in shopping experience without going out the premises of your homes. The convenience it will give you with just the use of your credit card, paypal account, gift cards and other options (Wire Transfer, MoneyBookers & Western Union) will benefit you that much. You don't know the rewards that await you once you become a member of a particular online shopping store.

There's always a caution during online transaction. You may try it and see the results.