Friday, June 24, 2011

Tropical JOE - The Making of a Food Gourmet

Choosing the freshest of ingredients...from vegetable, meat and it possible nowadays. The danger of acquiring food diseases from it can be frightening; but we have to eat everyday. So, a precaution on Food Marketing is a must.

The rigors of what to write on my Food List can exhaust my time, especially if I'm on a tight budget during lean months. I share the sentiments of mothers, young and old, scratching their heads and sighing heavily if their husbands payoff will not swack on their weekly budget.

Why I pointed that out on this reverie of thoughts? Because, like them, even though I'm still single, living under the roof of my mother's home; my food contribution on the budget is ---ZERO! I'm on vacation, at least for year now, from my overseas job as seaman.

So, in order to pass the time, I help her in choosing what to buy at the city market, in the dry goods (canned foods, etcetera) and wet section (meat, seafoods and all) whenever she had the monthly honorarium as one of our barrio's councilor.

Prioritizing what to buy according to our needs, not our like should be our "mantra" when marketing for weekly food. You don't have to buy all the vegetables on your list. GROW them at your own backyard!

Here in the barrio, you can buy the freshest vegetables from the local growers, and also fresh eggs from ducks, fish from the roaming vendors via motorcycles and the traditional 'regaton'---a pair of bamboo fish baskets equally put at both ends of long bamboo pole. If you don't want to buy at the city's supermarts, local meat butchers can also provide you with portions of goat, pig, cow or chicken meats (sometimes carabao meat is also available). And don't forget fresh breads from the local bakers.