Sunday, April 17, 2011

BCAT H/S Batch '88 for 2013!!!

Now it can be told.

 After a monthlong preparation, acquiring a domain and posting articles and all,, is now ready to encourage BCAT H/S Batch 88 to log in and be counted as part of our official website.

My batchmate, Rodel Valenzuela, an IT specialist and working overseas hinted me to create the official website of the batch. Numbers of Group pages for the batch were already on Facebook and Yahoo Group, but the site aims to solely cater on our former classmates.

The two-year preparation for the hosting of BCAT General Alumni Homecoming is a very tedious task. So, an ample preparation is needed to back up our plans.

For the meantime, here's what we offer for you guys. Visitors and friends are also allowed to peruse our website.

Please keep our site functioning. Support it to the max!!!

The official website of BCAT H/S Batch '88