Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's this Protect IP and SOPA? Online risk against free speech or US manipulation?

Most online writers (bloggers, hubbers or in between) will be greatly affected by the latest innovation on internet censorship by the US Congress.

Recently (as of November 18, 2011), I've read from the HubPages staff Simone Smith, also a hubber, regarding the danger those two legislations pose on HubPages and other legitimate sites, like Facebook, Twitter. Wikimedia and the like.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) encourages all online users to support their fight against the blacklisting of many websites around the world that can put a very HUGE changes in social media.

This is not only about the hovering danger in the US online atmosphere but in the entire globe as well.

To mention a slash but important component of EFF's appeal to all online users:

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has placed a hold on the Senate version of the bill, taking a principled stand against a very dangerous bill. But every Senator and Representative should be opposing the PROTECT IP Act and SOPA. Contact your members of Congress today to speak out.

The emergence of Protect IP (Intellectual Property) Act and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) aim to stop online PIRACY, but could these two acts stop people from downloading free movies and music?

All online users always want freebies. For example, I want to download my favorite song or movie, I can easily have those movies and songs by just going through a free site. 

YouTube is one of the targets of these bills than can be abused by those who are in the government.

The dawn of stopping freedom of expression  online is now starting. I think it will be a HUGE BLAST come 2012 and God knows how we'll we fare at the internet.

So, please, let us not take this for granted. We will all be greatly affected by this development. One voice cannot be heard alone.

You can share, tweet, email or holler this information; or even text it to your friend.

I'm a blogger, hubber and writer rolled into one. Those online readers who used to get my articles for their assignments or TV productions (through their staff) will be greatly affected.

The MEDIA should and could put a stop on this kind of political maneuvering.

Let's join hands and DO IT NOW.

My fellow hubber, Simone Smith, wrote this appeal:

HubPages does not stand alone in its opposition to this legislation. Other businesses, such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, and AOL, as well as human rights organizations such as Reporters Without Borders, Wikimedia, Human Rights Watch, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are against SOPA and Protect-IP.

You know how to react on this, I'm sure.